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Help Children Through Divorce

By Ed Sherman Going through a divorce is no fun for anyone, but children are especially vulnerable. Divorce specialist attorney Ed Sherman reveals in his book Divorce Solutions: How to Make Any Divorce Better, the following 10 things you can do to make a big difference in how well your children survive. 1. Tell children […]

Discipline Tips For Character – How to Discipline Kids Without PressureDiscipline Tips For Character

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Communicating With Children

Communicating with children can often be a daunting task. Often they seem to be on another planet and in some respects they are. Their cognitive (mental) abilities are not yet fully developed. Depending on their age they will be incapable of seeing another’s point of view, seeing all sides to a problem or will not […]

Teaching Listening Skills

Teaching listening skills to our children centers on our own ability to listen. The concept of behaviour modeling is key: if we want our kids to have effective listening skills we need to be great role models for them. Since the best way of teaching listening skills to our children is by improving our own […]